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Shopify Development Services

Here’s a list of Shopify development services that we can offer for your clients:

Built From Custom Designs

Submit your design mock-ups to us, whether they're in PSD, AI, Sketch, Adobe XD, or especially Figma – for which we offer a special discount. We'll transform them into a dynamic and responsive Shopify site tailored to your vision.

Mobile-First Approach

We emphasize mobile optimization to ensure that every visitor, regardless of the device they use, experiences a seamless shopping journey. Tailored for conversions, our mobile-centric designs intuitively guide users, making every click count towards a successful transaction.

Custom App Integration

We can enhance your new or existing Shopify site with tailored functionalities, either by crafting custom apps or seamlessly integrating ones from Shopify's app store.

Native Mobile Apps

Unlock a new horizon for your Shopify store by letting us transform it into a native mobile app. Elevate the shopping experience for your customers, offering them the convenience and fluidity of a dedicated mobile application.

Product Imports and Page Development

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Product Collection Development

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Why DevServe?

The video above explains just how simple the process is. Just request a quote and fill out the details of what your client is looking for and we take care of the rest. We’re here every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction.


What's Included?

Here’s a list of Shopify development services that we can offer for your clients:

Complete Deployments

Trust us to launch your Shopify store on your preferred staging or live server. No hidden charges – we ensure a seamless setup for you!

Content Population

We seamlessly integrate your product details, descriptions, images, and more, ensuring your store is not just populated, but primed for success.

Smooth Workflow

Experience the power of an optimized e-commerce process. We refine every step of your Shopify store's workflow, ensuring that from product selection to checkout, customers enjoy a fluid and intuitive shopping journey.

Speed Optimizations

Speed is vital for user retention and conversion. We meticulously fine-tune your Shopify store, optimizing assets and refining code, ensuring visitors experience lightning-fast load times.

Custom Themes and Apps

Stand out with a signature online presence. Our team designs unique Shopify themes and apps, tailored to embody your brand's character and elevate user experience.

Full Support

From initial setup to post-launch adjustments, our dedicated team is with you every step of the way. With our full-fledged Shopify support, rest assured knowing that expert help and advice are always within reach.

Some Sample Work

Our 7+ years of experience in Shopify website development shines through in the flawless blend of features, functionality, and design, all finely tuned to boost user engagement and conversion rates. Experience how we turn concepts into tangible digital solutions, amplifying online visibility and propelling business success.


Need more insight into our web and Shopify development services? We’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ section to guide you through what we offer. Dive in to explore the breadth of web development solutions we can craft specifically for your business.

Do you sign an NDA?

We sure can! We're happy to protect both your intellectual property as well as your client's. We're here to simply provide the web or app development services.

How can we pay for your services?

We offer several payment options including all major credit cards & PayPal. We're happy to try to accommodate other payment options if required, as well.

Do you offer bug fixes?

Indeed, it's among the assurances we extend for projects we undertake. Post-delivery, we commit to complimentary bug fixes. Additionally, we're willing to address bug fixes even on websites crafted by other developers.

Do you offer maintenance plans?

Absolutely. Whether developed by our skilled team or another party, we provide website maintenance and support as an additional service. We'll thoroughly assess the project and propose a maintenance plan tailored to your requirements.

How do we communicate on a project?

We're flexible with communication: video calls when needed, Slack channels, or traditional emails – it's up to you. Additionally, we've designed a dedicated client dashboard that includes built in communication for all-encompassing needs. This includes file sharing and project discussions and also allows you to make payments and view invoice downloads.

Can you accommodate design files in formats such as Ai, Adobe XD, PNG, Indd, Sketch, JPG, and EPS?

Yes, we accept design files in Ai, Adobe XD, PNG, Indd, Sketch, JPG, and EPS formats. Additionally, we also accommodate Figma files and offer a special discount for projects using them.