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WordPress Development Services

Here’s a list of WordPress development services that we can offer for your clients:

Custom WordPress Development

We're adept at constructing atop WordPress to meet the loftiest of standards. Provide us with your design mock-ups, and we'll transform them into a fully responsive website, complete with custom WordPress CMS functionalities. This ensures you retain comprehensive control over your site's content.

WordPress Plugin Development

Our team of seasoned WordPress Plugin developers is equipped to craft nearly any functionality you envision within the WordPress framework. Beyond the existing offerings of the WordPress ecosystem, we're ready to enhance your website's capabilities. Rely on us to create a bespoke WordPress plugin tailored to your specifications.

WordPress Site Maintenance

To ensure WordPress remains current, stable, and safeguarded, regular upkeep is paramount. Consider us an extension of your team; you won't be left stranded. Entrust us with the maintenance and vigilant monitoring of your WordPress sites, from updates and custom tweaks to ensuring unwavering stability.

Custom WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is the go-to for sophisticated eCommerce features, driving 28% of all online shopping platforms. Whether starting fresh or revamping an existing store on WordPress, our seasoned WooCommerce development team stands ready to elevate your eCommerce presence.

Performance and Speed Optimization

Experiencing a slow WordPress site? Allow us to inspect. We'll conduct a thorough performance evaluation to pinpoint and address any optimization challenges hindering your online footprint. Trust in our expertise to craft exceptionally fast WordPress sites.

WordPress Headless Website

Drawing from our expertise in custom WordPress development and leveraging the WordPress REST API, we're poised to construct intricate web apps and blazing-fast websites. By integrating React for the front-end and utilizing WordPress as a headless CMS, we ensure optimal performance with APIs rooted in the WordPress core.

Why DevServe?

The video above explains just how simple the process is. Just request a quote and fill out the details of what your client is looking for and we take care of the rest. We’re here every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction.


What's Included?

Here’s a list of WordPress development services that we can offer for your clients:

Complete Deployments

Trust us to deploy your WordPress website on your chosen staging or live server. No hidden fees – we've got it all handled for you!

No Unnecessary Plugins

We prioritize custom-built WordPress functionalities over relying on plugins for trivial tasks. Plugins are reserved for essential needs, like SEO plugins or WooCommerce, ensuring optimal performance and streamlined operation.

Simple Admin Panels

While crafting a straightforward admin panel can be intricate, we specialize in designing user-friendly interfaces that spare end users from navigating a maze of perplexing choices.

Fast Loading Optimization

We employ specialized tools to evaluate and refine every facet of a website, from page dimensions to load and render times. Our comprehensive approach encompasses everything, from sprite management to server optimization.

Custom Development

While we have the expertise to craft bespoke WordPress developments without relying on pre-made templates, we tailor our approach to your needs. If desired, we can create a platform exclusively based on your specifications, ensuring it's streamlined with only the essential features.

Simple Quoting

Accessing a quote has never been this straightforward. Within our client portal, we've designed the quote request forms to be intuitive and user-friendly. With a few simple steps, you can effortlessly submit your requirements and receive a response in as little as one business day.

Some Sample Work

Our 12+ years of experience in WordPress website development is evident in the seamless integration of features, functionality, and aesthetics, all meticulously crafted to enhance user engagement and conversion rates. Discover how we transform ideas into digital realities, bolstering online presence and driving business growth.


Need more information about our web development offerings? We have put together an extensive list of FAQs to guide you through our services. Dive in now to discover how you can unlock complete web development services for your business!

Do you sign an NDA?

We sure can! We're happy to protect both your intellectual property as well as your client's. We're here to simply provide the web or app development services.

How can we pay for your services?

We offer several payment options including all major credit cards & PayPal. We're happy to try to accommodate other payment options if required, as well.

Do you offer bug fixes?

Indeed, it's among the assurances we extend for projects we undertake. Post-delivery, we commit to complimentary bug fixes. Additionally, we're willing to address bug fixes even on websites crafted by other developers.

Do you offer maintenance plans?

Absolutely. Whether developed by our skilled team or another party, we provide website maintenance and support as an additional service. We'll thoroughly assess the project and propose a maintenance plan tailored to your requirements.

How do we communicate on a project?

We're flexible with communication: video calls when needed, Slack channels, or traditional emails – it's up to you. Additionally, we've designed a dedicated client dashboard that includes built in communication for all-encompassing needs. This includes file sharing and project discussions and also allows you to make payments and view invoice downloads.

Can you accommodate design files in formats such as Ai, Adobe XD, PNG, Indd, Sketch, JPG, and EPS?

Yes, we accept design files in Ai, Adobe XD, PNG, Indd, Sketch, JPG, and EPS formats. Additionally, we also accommodate Figma files and offer a special discount for projects using them.